Mobile Apps in the Trinidad and Tobago Market Place

Benefits of adopting Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing strategies has become absolutely essential for small business owners in Trinidad and Tobago, who have a dedicated E-Commerce portal for selling their products. This is more relevant for small business owners who have gone online in the recent past and looking to expand their business. By taking the help of experienced internet marketing experts such as those associated with 101 Internet Marketing Services TT team, T & T small business owners would see a lot of benefits that would result in better business expansion and increased customer confidence.

Different Internet marketing strategies available

Extremely successful small business owners in the Caribbean Islands stretching from Jamaica to Guyana have benefited by adopting one or a combination of the following internet marketing techniques.

1. Search Engine Optimization
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Link building
4. Social Media Optimization
5. Creating corporate videos of different kinds
6. Online press releases
7. Business reviews and Customer testimonials

Each and every internet marketing methods described above has its individual benefits. Some methods prove to be much more effective when they are used jointly together.

Search Engine Optimization and Link building are fine examples of two methods combining to provide greater results.

Benefits of using Search Engine Optimization and Link building

As companies go online, they need sufficient online traffic to their corporate web sites or the E-Commerce web sites, particularly during the initial phase of their online business. In order to bring in more traffic to web sites, business owners optimize their web sites to become search engine friendly. This means that the business owners have to optimize their web site content by including a number of key words that are relevant to their business area. The different pages in the web site need to have keywords sprinkled uniformly across the various pages. These keywords would be closely related to the keywords that the users type in their Google or yahoo search field. By making the web site search engine friendly, the company’s web site or the E-commerce page would get listed within the top 10 or top 20 links that appear on the first page of search engine result.

Link building is one of the highly successful internet marketing strategies that are primarily used for increase the incoming traffic to the web site. Links to the company’s home page can be built by submitting small articles about the profile of the company and the range of products and services provided by the company, to article submission directories. There are popular article submission websites and directories that are visited often by the potential customers. In addition to building links using article directories, T & T business owners can also make use of the Link submission directories that maintain a list of popular product wise and service wise web site links.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

T & T business owners get a wider world wide audience for their products and services by having an optimized Facebook account, YouTube account and LinkedIn account that showcases their offerings. Small Business owners can continue to interact with their followers by providing information about their discount offers and special promotional events through their Social media accounts.

Benefits of Corporate Videos and Business Reviews

By creating videos about the product benefits and also about the positive reviews given by the different customers, business owners in T & T can continue to develop and maintain a strong positive online image about their product and service offerings.

These are a few strategies that we at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT implement to give businesses an edge in the internet marketing space. You can read up on our newsletters which are full of other business strategies that will help increase your business.

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The increasing popularity of the use of mobiles and their applications is attracting more and more Trinidad and Tobago citizens towards them because of various facilities linked with them including upgradation of informations, new features, new products and ultimately mobile apps. The mobile apps in Trinidad and Tobago have made it easier to get the latest information about things concerned.

Some of the mobile apps popularly used by the people of Trinidad and Tobago are as under:

Trinidad & Tobago Cinema Schedule: this mobile app allows you to get cinema listing and show time of the movis on you smartphone mobile. All the 9 cinemas including Movietowne (3), Cinemas 8, National, Globe, IMAX, Empire and Palladium are listed on this app where you can get up-to-date information about the latest running movies and their show time. you can download this mobile app on your Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphone. This mobile app has been reviewed as the best option to get information of movies which had eradicated the need of search it on newspapers.

Hott Foot Events App (T&T): This in one of the mobile apps in Trinidad and Tobago which had allowed the users to know what happening today, tonight and tomorrow around you. You can find Community events, parties, Public Holidays, Sporting events etc. happening in Trinidad and Tobago. This app also allows you to share the information with your friends as easily as a click of mouse. You can also list your events through this app to invite your friends and other people to it. This mobile app can be downloaded at your Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This app is reviewed by the users as a great app due to its layout and utility.

Trinidad & Tobago Doubles Vendor Directory: It is one of the mobile apps used by people of Trinidad and Tobago which allows you to search for the vendors with whom you can go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only you have to fill in the name of location and the list of listed vendors will be displayed which are available to serve you. you can also list any vendor which you know and is not listed till then. This app can be downloaded on your Android and BlackBerry smartphones. It has been reviewed as a great app that helps in searching vendors of their choice easily.

Inter-Island Ferry Schedule for T&T: You can get the information about inter-island ferries sailing on a particular date along with their names and sailing times. You can also book your tickets through the ticketing agents of the listed ferries with this app. This app can be downloaded on BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android smartphones. It has been reviewed by the users as useful with its good layout.

All these and many other mobile apps are becoming popular among the users of mobile apps in Trinidad and Tobago due to their utility and ease of use. The increasing popularity of mobile apps can be taken as beneficiary signs of business investments in this field.

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