How Internet Marketing Services can Benefit Micro Enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago

The introduction of the concept of e-mail marketing in the field of advertising the products and services had completely changed the scenario for business enterprises of all standards including large, medium, small and even micro. E-mail marketing has a long list of benefits attached with it which had popularized it as a potential tool for the effective marketing of products and services.

101 Internet Marketing Services TT e-mail marketingList of benefits of e-mail marketing

  • Cost effective
  • Global approach
  • Immediate response
  • Audience can be targeted easily
  • Keep in touch with prospective customers
  • Can be used in a personalized way
  • Allows segmented support
  • Computable results

All of these benefits allow businesses of any standard to use e-mail marketing for their benefit. Even the small and micro level business can use this mode of marketing as it is cost effective and business can approach and also have access to customer all over the world. Customers can respond to the e-mail immediately after receiving them, e-mails can be sent to specific audiences and specific and personalized e-mails can be sent to the prospective customers to keep in touch with them.

Results of e-mail marketing can also be assessed easily if you have the data of e-mails sent, emails opened, who opened the e-mail, who clicked the links and at which links. So, even the competitive micro enterprises can be benefited from these features of e-mail marketing.

Effect of e-mail marketing on Trinidad and Tobago business

Now, when the local micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago business circles are assessed in respect to the benefits of e-mail marketing for their advantage then one should study the e-mail marketing condition prevailing there. It has been revealed through research reports that e-mail marketing here had increased the revenue of the broadcasting mailing sector to 9 times than earlier. That means business people in Trinidad and Tobago are using this concept extensively. Nearly 60 percent of marketers are using e-mail to increase their sales effectively. Email marketing had made it easy for the people in Trinidad and Tobago to trace out the website of the company they want to deal with.

E-mail marketing has taken the shape of a campaign for all standards in Trinidad and Tobago business as about 80 percent of them are using it through permission-based email marketing mode. But to activate e-mail marketing with prospective customer or a group of customers they have to consider several factors as follows:

  • Before sending e-mail to a customer you will have to seek his permission with an authority to reject it
  • List of the customers to send e-mails should be based on quality rather than quantity as smaller list of customers can get better responses
  • To get better results send personalized emails
  • Long emails should be send in email marketing as short emails can create doubts. Long emails contain more information about the product and services of the enterprise, so they get better response from the prospective customers.
  • Enterprises can use fresh list of customers every time while activating their email marketing campaign. Old or non responsive lists usually are discarded or remain inactive.

Thus, email marketing can be beneficial for even the most competitive micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago once conducted in a professional and timely fashion.

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Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts in the internet marketing field. We specialise on internet marketing for small business to help them increase their customers and thus their profits. We can help you set up and even run your e-mail marketing campaign.

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Website design or search engine optimisation has been a contentious issue for a long time. Experts argue that a properly Search Engine Optimised (SEO) sites is more important than a website that is beautiful. Others argue that aesthetically pleasing websites are more important. These major contentious issues are discussed in this issue of our newsletter so Read On!

website design

The Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation Dilemma

The world of business is evolving with each passing day and ignoring these trends could be detrimental to a business. Currently, it is almost impossible to run a business without a website and the same applies in Trinidad and Tobago. With a website, a business establishes itself online and since pretty much everyone now has access to the internet, it will definitely prove to be a must have for businesses. So the major question now arises for business owners:

“Should I spend my money on a beautifully designed website or concentrate on one that is properly Search Engine Optimised?”

Building Your Business Website

Website DesignThere are two very important aspects that need to be looked into when designing a business website: the design of the website itself and search engine optimization. The design aspect is quite important if you want people to be comfortable and happy with you business website. The idea here is to have a website that is easy to navigate; getting from one page to another should not be a problem. Also, it is important that if the user wants to find certain information on your website doing so should be easy.

Good website design is essential for any website. When users visit a website, they need to be impressed by what they find there; this is very important if they are to come back again and most importantly, make a purchase. Good website design dictates that if a user has any problem or question regarding anything to do with the website or business in general, he/she should have the ability to make enquiries without any difficulty; this will consequently lead to a higher rate of satisfaction.

Search engine optimization on the other hand is all about generating traffic to a website in order to increase chances of making sales. There are a number of techniques that are used under SEO in order to make this possible including the use of appropriate keywords, inbound links, among others. All these techniques are geared towards improving a website’s ranking and making it friendlier to search engines so to speak.

An expertly optimized website will feature among the top on search engines results pages when web users perform searches related to the contents of that particular websites. Seeing that most users rarely go beyond the first page on any search engine it would do a business a great deal of good to be featured on the very first page once a relevant search is carried out.

The higher a website is ranked, the more trustworthy it appears to web users and consequently the more visitors it will attract. So is SEO more important than web design? The answer to that is a simple no; both these aspects work together to boost a website’s popularity and consequently generate sales.

Points to NotePoints to Note

If you fully optimize your website and forget about its design you will get more visitors but less satisfied customers. On the other hand, if you design the best website and forget about optimizing it, you will have satisfied customers but on a very small scale. To simply put it, both SEO and good web design are vital if a website is to attract customers and keep them coming and also increase the chances of them making a purchase.

Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts in the internet marketing field. We build and design websites that are optimised for internet marketing for small business. We help them increase their customers and thus their profits.

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In the recent past, the internet has emerged as one of the most effective marketing tool. This can be attributed to the sheer number of potential clients using the internet at any given time. However, in order to market your product or services through the internet, you need to have effective frameworks and internet marketing techniques to reach out to potential clients. For micro enterprises located in Trinidad and Tobago, the following tips on internet marketing for Trinidad and Tobago businesses can be of great help.


Websites are considered as one of the most essential parts of internet marketing as they act as a back bone for internet marketing campaigns since a majority of clients usually feel the need to know more about a company or product before making a purchase.
When it comes to marketing, first impression matters and a website is considered as the first point of contact point between a business owner and a potential client. In view of this, it is mandatory that all Trinidad and Tobago business owners should ensure that they have a professional and user friendly sites designed by a competent and experienced individual.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine ranking is also very important when it comes to internet marketing. Trinidad and Tobago business owners are advised to enlist the help of an SEO expert so as to increase the ranking of their websites.

Email marketing

Email marketing is considered as the next best alternative when it comes to internet marketing tips in Trinidad and Tobago. As a business owner you can email potential customers directly regarding products and promotional offers. Nevertheless, you need to first have an email list to carry out this type of marketing. Email addresses can be obtained from repeat clients and your webpage visitors.

Blog marketing

The blogging field is one of the newer platforms for internet marketing. Nevertheless, it has gained popularity and millions of consumers visit blogging sites daily in search of certain products. As a Trinidad and Tobago business owner, you can market your product through blogging. A simple search for blogging sites on the internet will give you several alternatives. You can also post links to your website in your product blogs.

Viral marketing

As a business owner, you can produce useful or entertaining products such as a simple software, funny clip or even interactive games and provide links to your website in these products. These products will be passed on from one person to another and in essence will help to popularize your website.

Forum marketing

Forums are areas where individuals discuss strategies, products and issues pertaining to a particular topic. As a Trinidad and Tobago business owner, forums can offer one of the best platforms for internet marketing.

Tips on Internet Marketing Social sites

In the recent past, social sites have become very popular. Sites like twitter, face book and MySpace are considered as some of the most popular social networking sites. In view of this, launching your online marketing campaign on these social sites cane highly rewarding

Electronic newsletters

Electronic newsletters or E-magazines are magazines sent out through emails to subscribers. As a Trinidad and Tobago business owner you can decide to develop your own newsletter giving details about your enterprise and products.

By considering the internet marketing tips in Trinidad and Tobago, a business owner is assured of effective online product marketing.

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101 Internet Marketing Services TT Team Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts in the Internet and Content Marketing field. We specialise on internet marketing for small business to help them increase their customers and thus their profits.

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Micro enterprising in Trinidad and Tobago has taken on a new trend and this is seeking internet marketing services. They have abandoned traditional marketing strategies which include the use of print media.

Many might question why competitive micro enterprises in the region have adopted this trend. To begin with the establishment of a CARICOM Single Market and Economy has encouraged the emergence of a more competitive business environment where more and more local micro enterprises have to seek innovative ways of aggressively penetrating the market.

Secondly, current trends in computer technology offer a more interactive way for them to interact with their consumers as compared to other traditional ways of advertising.

Internet Marketing Services Benifits

Trinidad and Tobago has more to gain from internet marketing services for their micro enterprises. The following are some of the things that they stand to gain through online advertising:

In this day and age, consumers prefer to use the internet to access good and services at a time that is convenient for them. They browse through various web pages comparing products and services. They are able to do this without speaking to anyone or having to walk from company to company to talk to anyone.

Global ReachSmall micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago have realized this trend and would therefore stand to benefit greatly from advertising their businesses online. They will be able to reach a much wider consumer base given that the consumers spend most of their time on the internet.

Small businesses are able to reach a wider customer base that they never thought they would when they utilize internet marketing services. This is because they not only manage to penetrate their local market but also international markets. This provides good ground for business expansion.

When microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago utilize internet marketing services, they can be assured that marketing costs will be reduced significantly. This is compared to using the traditional means of advertising which not only are expensive but reach a smaller group of consumers. For instance, it is hard to compare the price of running a 30 second commercial on TV and maintaining a website. They both have viewers but the internet has more viewers and is less expensive.

Internet marketing services can be especially beneficial to micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago when they want to change a particular product or service. For instance, imagine that a business has printed and mailed catalogues containing certain services or goods that they want the consumer to know of. In the event that the business wants to change a certain good or service that they had advertised in their catalogue, it would require them to reprint the catalogues and resend them to their customers. However, if they had advertised their services and goods via internet marketing services, they would have easily gone to their website and done the necessary changes or adjustments. This therefore simply means that microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago can experience flexibility when they utilize internet marketing services.

The amount of exposure that microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago can get through internet marketing services to the global market is immeasurable. They will be able to inform the world of their goods and services without spending a lot of money.

101 Internet Marketing Services TT Team!

[box]Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts in the internet marketing field. We specialise on internet marketing for small business to help them increase their customers and thus their profits.

Interested in finding out how we can help your business… then contact us for a free consultation at let us begin to work together.[/box]