E-Mail Marketing Benefits for Trinidad and Tobago Business

The introduction of the concept of e-mail marketing in the field of advertising the products and services had completely changed the scenario for business enterprises of all standards including large, medium, small and even micro. E-mail marketing has a long list of benefits attached with it which had popularized it as a potential tool for the effective marketing of products and services.

101 Internet Marketing Services TT e-mail marketingList of benefits of e-mail marketing

  • Cost effective
  • Global approach
  • Immediate response
  • Audience can be targeted easily
  • Keep in touch with prospective customers
  • Can be used in a personalized way
  • Allows segmented support
  • Computable results

All of these benefits allow businesses of any standard to use e-mail marketing for their benefit. Even the small and micro level business can use this mode of marketing as it is cost effective and business can approach and also have access to customer all over the world. Customers can respond to the e-mail immediately after receiving them, e-mails can be sent to specific audiences and specific and personalized e-mails can be sent to the prospective customers to keep in touch with them.

Results of e-mail marketing can also be assessed easily if you have the data of e-mails sent, emails opened, who opened the e-mail, who clicked the links and at which links. So, even the competitive micro enterprises can be benefited from these features of e-mail marketing.

Effect of e-mail marketing on Trinidad and Tobago business

Now, when the local micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago business circles are assessed in respect to the benefits of e-mail marketing for their advantage then one should study the e-mail marketing condition prevailing there. It has been revealed through research reports that e-mail marketing here had increased the revenue of the broadcasting mailing sector to 9 times than earlier. That means business people in Trinidad and Tobago are using this concept extensively. Nearly 60 percent of marketers are using e-mail to increase their sales effectively. Email marketing had made it easy for the people in Trinidad and Tobago to trace out the website of the company they want to deal with.

E-mail marketing has taken the shape of a campaign for all standards in Trinidad and Tobago business as about 80 percent of them are using it through permission-based email marketing mode. But to activate e-mail marketing with prospective customer or a group of customers they have to consider several factors as follows:

  • Before sending e-mail to a customer you will have to seek his permission with an authority to reject it
  • List of the customers to send e-mails should be based on quality rather than quantity as smaller list of customers can get better responses
  • To get better results send personalized emails
  • Long emails should be send in email marketing as short emails can create doubts. Long emails contain more information about the product and services of the enterprise, so they get better response from the prospective customers.
  • Enterprises can use fresh list of customers every time while activating their email marketing campaign. Old or non responsive lists usually are discarded or remain inactive.

Thus, email marketing can be beneficial for even the most competitive micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago once conducted in a professional and timely fashion.

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