How Internet Marketing Services can Benefit Micro Enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago


Imagine this: Your restaurant offers great food and excellent customer service. It’s found in one of the most accessible locations in the city. You occasionally post promos on your doors in an attempt to attract new customers. But still, why are there a lot of empty tables during lunch and dinner time?

We are constantly witnessing the rapid evolution of technology and the progressive use of the Internet as our main source of information. Such developments result in changes to consumers’ behaviors.

Today, your potential patrons browse the Internet to look for restaurants they would dine in or order from using their desktop computers, mobile devices and tablets. Thus, having your business listed on the Yellow Pages or giving away flyers and brochures is not that sufficient to attract customers anymore.

Great food is vital to having a successful restaurant. But the aroma from your kitchen and the luscious taste of your dishes can only take you so far to lure in new customers. Now is the time to extend your reach by applying proper marketing techniques based on your prospects’ behaviors.

Turning Mobile Visitors into Customers

So it all boils down to the question, “What can I do to take advantage of the growing number of users who search for restaurants using their mobile devices?” The solution is simple: Offer outstanding customer experience by integrating mobile-friendly strategies to your campaigns.
Here’s how to get started:

1. Set up a mobile responsive website for your restaurant.

If your website is not optimized for mobile use, you are losing more customers than you think. A study made suggests that more than half (67%) of users are likely to make a purchase if a site adjusts automatically to their devices.

2. Make sure that your website and listings contain critical information.

The presence of basic details in your website and listings, such as your restaurant name, location, hours of operation, menu, and discounts, often dictates whether or not consumers will choose to visit your restaurant.

In fact, research found out that ninety-three percent (93%) of consumers have used their mobile devices to locate a restaurant, ninety-five percent (95%) to look up a restaurant’s contact details, ninety percent (90%) to check out a restaurant’s menu, ninety-three percent (93%) to check hours of operation, and seventy-eight percent (78%) to search for mobile coupons or discounts.

Provide great consumer experience by guaranteeing that your site and local listings include all your critical business information and that it remains consistent whenever prospects would look you up.

3. Optimize for social, local and mobile search.

Local marketing involves publishing of promos and reviews, optimizing for local listings, maps, social check-ins, and forums.  If you want your restaurant to stay relevant and generate buzz in your community, then you must have enticing promos published all over local and social channels.  Your potential customers are searching for restaurants online on-the-go using their mobile devices. Make sure that all other critical pieces of information mentioned previously are included in your local listings, directories, and other profiles.

4. Gather positive online reviews from customers.

Online reviews play an essential role in customers’ purchasing decisions. According to a survey, seventy-eight percent (78%) of customers have used their mobile devices to check reviews about a restaurant. Seventy-two percent (72%) say that positive reviews make them more likely to visit a business’ website or give them a call.

There are many ways you can gather genuine reviews. One of the most effective means is simply asking for it from satisfied customers.  Happy customers usually send feedback by email – get them to allow you to use their positive feedback as a review you can publish.  Collecting and publishing these on your website and review sites will help you generate stronger positive visibility when customers search for your restaurant online.

Can you juggle managing your restaurant operations and executing proper online marketing campaigns all at the same time?

Online marketing is a lot of work. Setting up your responsive website alone can be such a pain. Besides, you still have your restaurant to take care of. If you want to thrive in the online marketing arena but don’t have the time to actually start your online marketing campaign, don’t worry. We are more than willing to help you.

Through our high-quality web design services, you can be assured that we’ll create the last mobile responsive website you’ll ever need. Furthermore, we’ll integrate specific elements to help drive more traffic to your site and reduce its bounce rate.

We will also help you achieve high visibility by optimizing your online presence across search engines, local listings, directories, maps, and in the social sphere.
Our online reputation management services, on the other hand, will help you promote your restaurant with positive ratings and reviews published at the right places.
Here’s a list of all our services:

‌ Responsive Web Design

‌ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

‌ Local SEO Marketing

‌ Social Media Marketing

‌ Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

‌ Website Audit

‌ Brand Booster

‌ Brand Establisher

We are experts in this field. We can help you establish your online presence, expand your brand’s reach, drive more traffic to your site, and increase the frequency of conversions – regardless if your prospects are using mobile devices or desktop computers.

Hungry customers are out there looking for a restaurant like yours. Let them know that you exist with a delectable online presence.

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There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites of lawyers and law firms trying to get the interest of potential clients. With so much competition on the Internet, a law firm’s website only has a few seconds to engage site visitors. According to the “2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” which was commissioned by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, prospective clients use those first few seconds to evaluate a law firm’s website, gauge their professionalism, and determine their ability to practice law.

Consumers are growing increasingly comfortable searching for information online, even when it pertains to legal issues. However, law firm websites need to observe certain principles if they want to engage and convert site visitors. Indeed, according to the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study, there are particular website elements that motivate site visitors to contact law firms, as well as particular website elements that would dissuade them from contacting law firms.

The “2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” notes the feedback of participants on newer website elements—such as blogs, social media links/widgets, and videos—as well as more established industry best practices—such as prominent contact information, a professional image, and showcased experience.

Features that Positively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

The study notes that there are certain universal “building blocks of success” that positively impact conversions on law firm websites. These elements are:

  • Location

  • Navigation

  • Attorney Profiles

  • Free Case Evaluation

  • Consumer Education

(Click Image to Enlarge)

  • Prominently Featured Case Results

  • Descriptions of Third-party Competitive Differentiators

  • Prominently Featured Videos

  • Well-integrated Social Media Links/Widgets

  • Responsive Web Design

General Factors that Impact Law Firms Websites

Location: The law firm’s location should be prominently featured on the website. Aside from listing the full address of the office location, participants of the study were more inclined to contact law firms that prominently featured maps and directions to their offices on their websites.

Navigation: Participants of the study wanted to know very quickly whether law firms could help them with their legal issues. Hence, law firm websites that were well-organized and easy to navigate were given very favourable ratings. Such websites allow site visitors to find pertinent information (such as information about attorneys, their practice areas, and specific legal topics) quickly and easily. In contrast, law firm websites that require site visitors to perform several clicks to determine practice areas, or require site visitors to read through a great deal of text to discover the information they need, were given lower ratings.

Attorney Profiles/ Practice Areas: Well-designed attorney profiles gave participants a greater sense of the attorneys’ skills, personality, and competence. Elements that constitute a well-designed attorney profile include photos (including photos of the attorneys), biographical information, and matter experience. Participants also wanted to discern very easily the attorney’s area or areas of practice.

Free Case Evaluation: Many participants favoured law firm websites that prominently displayed offers for free case evaluations. This is because many participants were unwilling to contact law firms that charged for the initial consultation—especially if the lawyer might not ultimately take the case.

Consumer Education: High-quality, targeted, and genuinely helpful content appealed to participants. Favourable ratings were given to law firm websites that explained participants’ legal issues and offered useful educational content.

Search Engine Factors that Impact Law Firms Websites

Search engines like Google and Bing also favour law firm websites that regularly publish high-quality, unique, and useful content, and give much higher organic rankings to websites that meet such criteria. In addition, participants gave the following characteristics favourable ratings:

Prominently Featured Case Results: Participants also favourably rated law firm websites that published case results. In fact, participants did not prioritize major awards, as many felt that firms that featured smaller wins were more interested in taking on cases of all sizes. Law firm websites that only published big wins were seen as being rather intimidating, and participants were less inclined to contact such law firms about smaller matters.

Descriptions of Third-party Competitive Differentiators: Law firm websites that featured professional achievements, independent ratings, or client reviews scored significantly higher than law firm websites that lacked such third-party competitive differentiators. Participants wanted to learn more about the positive qualities that distinguished the law firm from its competitors.

Prominently Featured Videos: A considerable number of participants found professional videos on the website to be highly persuasive. As many clients do not wish to work with lawyers and law firms that make them feel uncomfortable, they will watch videos found on law firm websites that provide a compelling glimpse into the attorneys’ personalities, as well as the atmosphere of the law firm.

Well-integrated Social Media Links/Widgets: Law firm websites that prominently displayed their social media links/widgets were seen as being more accessible and were viewed more favourably by some participants.

Responsive Web Design: Law firm websites that have been optimized for various devices—such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets—were viewed more favourably by participants. Site visitors are turned off by web pages that do not load correctly on their screens, and websites that aren’t responsive will see a precipitous drop in their traffic and conversions. Google and Bing also hate websites that aren’t responsive and will penalize such websites.

Features that Negatively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

Of course, there are also features that would negatively impact conversions on law firm websites. According to the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study, the following features dissuaded its participants from contacting the law firm being featured on the website:

  1. Websites that Appear to be too Commercial

Participants were turned off by law firm websites that focused too much on payment or appeared to be too eager for business. While a call to action terminology such as “Call us today!” might work in other niches, such language dissuades site visitors from contacting law firms. Prospects would rather hire attorneys that seem more interested in making a difference than in making a profit.

  1. Mediocre Visual Design

Badly designed or visually mediocre websites also drive site visitors away en masse. Participants said they were less likely to contact law firms that had cluttered web pages, unappealing visuals and colour schemes, as well as layouts that were difficult to navigate.

  1. The paucity of Photos and Poorly Chosen Images

Some participants greatly disliked stock images, especially if they found the images to be emotionally upsetting. Disturbing images (such as those of injured people and accidents) were flagged, even if they related to the area of law being practised. Participants also expressed disappointment at law firm websites that lacked pictures of their lawyers.

  1. Missing Case Results

Participants expected case results to be prominently displayed or easy to locate, and expressed disappointment at law firm websites that did not contain this information.

  1. Poorly Designed Contact Forms

Participants were turned off by contact forms that were unnecessarily intrusive or required extra, tedious steps to complete.

A Questionnaire for Law Firms that Want to Convert More Site Visitors on their Websites

Attorneys who want to convert more of their site visitors and lower their bounce rates need to answer the following questions:

  • Does their firm’s website convey a professional image?
  • Can site visitors easily determine if the law firm’s offices are nearby?
  • Does the firm demonstrate its ability to handle the prospective client’s legal issue?
  • Does the firm demonstrate its expertise through its website?

Anything less than a resounding “yes” should be reason enough to subject your website to expert analysis and redevelopment. Your website should be the central component of your online marketing strategy. Aside from providing a window into your firm’s positioning, strengths, and capabilities, your website should also outline the specialist skills of individual lawyers, and provide educational content that your site visitors will find useful.

With the right mix of targeted content, compelling design, and useful features, attorneys can connect more effectively with their site visitors, and convert them into prospective clients who will contact the firm for more information or set up appointments.

Does your firm’s website meet the following criteria, or is it sorely lacking in the website elements and/or characteristics that lead to successful conversions?

If your law firm website is deficient in any of the aforementioned website elements or characteristics, there’s no need to panic as we’ll be more than glad to assist you. We provide professional web design and development that focuses on keeping your website dynamic and up-to-date. We’ll incorporate all the website elements and characteristics that will reduce your bounce rate and increase your site conversions.

Additionally, we’ll optimize your website with targeted keywords and keyword phrases that will increase its rankings on the organic search results of Google and Bing. We’ll also update your website blog with useful educational content that will nurture your leads and lead them down the sales funnel, transforming them into clients. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also set up, optimize, and update your social media accounts, and manage your interactions with your audience.

We’re experts when it comes to marketing law firms online. We’ll establish your brand presence, increase your brand’s reach, drive more qualified traffic to your website, and increase your conversions. Contact our professional digital marketing agency today, and get a FREE consultation on how to design or redesign your law firm website and increase your conversions! Call us, send us an email, or fill out the form and take your law firm to greater heights!

101 Internet Marketing Services TT Team Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts on the Internet and Content Marketing field. Our speciality is internet marketing for small business to help them increase their customers and thus their profits. Interested in finding out how we can help your business… then contact us for a free consultation at let us begin to work together.

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Marketing for Dentist

As dentists, your most valued number has always been 32, or the total number for a complete set of teeth. But there are now also other numbers and figures to consider with the Internet being such a big part of people’s lives. Here are some quick stats to chew on:

  • 8 out of 10 say they began looking for health or medical information, as well as doctors or health professionals at a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • 72% of users say they looked or health information online within past year.
  • 35% of adults say that at one time or another, they have gone online specifically to try to figure out what medical condition they or someone else might have. We call them online diagnosers.
  • 46% of online diagnosers say that the information they found online led them to think they needed the attention of a medical professional.
  • 53% of online diagnosers followed-up with medical professional after online diagnosis.
  • 52% of smartphone owners gather health info and health-related services on their phones.
  • 34% of people have read about someone else’s experiences with medical issues online

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Building Your Brand with Content: How Your Businesses Can Overcome the Challenges

Brand Optimisation

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand online. With the right kind of content, you can build and optimize your brand on the Internet so that it brings more traffic to your website and more sales to your business. More importantly, it can improve the overall image of the business and results in more sales, referrals, and consequently, more website traffic. The cycle goes on and on.

But if content marketing is so effective for branding, how come a lot of small and medium-sized businesses are struggling in building their brand through content? What challenges do business owners like you face and what can you do to overcome them?

Brand Awareness: Top Content Marketing Goal

It’s important to first understand the link between content marketing and branding. By now, many marketers – probably your competition included – have already realized the power of content when it comes to boosting brands. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs, the No. 1 reason why organizations use content marketing is to raise brand awareness. Some 79% of marketers surveyed said so.

Other goals that scored high in the survey are customer acquisition (71%), customer retention / loyalty (65%), engagement (64%), and website traffic (62%). However, brand awareness is the only goal that nearly broke the 80% mark. Obviously, today’s businesses want to improve their branding online and are using content to make it happen.

Content Improves Branding, Website Traffic & Sales

Now if branding is the top priority for content marketers, how then do they measure success? Still according to the CMI and MarketingProfs research, majority of marketers cite web traffic as their main metric (66%). Others said they measure content marketing success by looking at social media sharing (52%), time spent on website (46%), and direct sales (44%), among others.

Indeed, the right mix of content marketing that boosts your brand will result to more traffic, engagement, shares and sales.

Building Brand through Content: Challenges

Many marketers understand that for them to build their brand and generate traffic for the website as well, they need to market online using content. However, this is easier said than done. A lot of small business owners struggle with content marketing—much of this has to do with shortage of various resources to make it happen.

Looking at the answers of survey respondents for a study by CMI and MarketingProfs shows lack of time (24%) is the biggest hindrance to implementing content marketing. Lack of budget (16%), producing the kind of content that engages (13%), and producing enough content (10%) are also major challenges for business owners. From here, you’ll notice that these resources are needed in this strategy: time, money, and technical skills. Does this situation sound familiar?

Let it Go: Solve Most Challenges with 1 Solution

You already know that the top goal of organizations in content marketing is to build brand awareness. You also know that they are faced with several challenges in doing so, such as lack of time and budget. Many business owners are stalled by these hindrances. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to be one of them. Here’s the solution in two words: Our Company.

A survey by Aweber found that in smaller businesses, the CEO also serves as the primary marketer as well. In this setup, marketing takes a backseat because you are preoccupied with running the core business. As for branding? It tends to be forgotten; at least until you notice that you are losing customers to competitors with stronger branding. This should not be the case.

While you cannot do anything to increase the amount of hours you have in a day, you can dedicate a portion of your revenue to content marketing done for you by us. Remember that content marketing helps in both brand optimization, traffic generation, engagement, shares and sales. No one else can run the core business like you can, but there are agencies like us who can take care of branding and content marketing for you.

Your Brand Needs Engaging Content Now

The tricky part, with assigning your content marketing efforts to agencies, is knowing which content can be used for both brand optimization and traffic generation. What type of content is effective enough to yield both results? Indeed this is a nuisance. Should you ask the marketing agency to create typical SEO articles? Should you order press releases or product pages?

To understand what is “engaging,” you need to know what type of format your audience wants. In this regard, two formats stand out: videos and articles. Research by Gfk found that business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. Marketers agree; some 72% of respondents in a Custom Content Council survey said branded content is more effective than magazine advertisements.

In the case of video, Accenture found that 90% of consumers actually watch online video. Here’s more: according to data collected by Animoto, 96% of consumers said they found videos helpful in making purchase decisions. Some 71% went as far as saying watching corporate videos left them with a positive impression of the brand. When it comes to reach, engagement, and building the brand, the best content formats to use are videos and articles.

Optimizing Content for Both Brand & Traffic

In typical online marketing techniques, content is optimized by making it more “searchable” to search engines. This entails the proper categorization and tagging, as well as the inclusion of meta tags, which are keywords that communicate with search engines like Google. You can also use this approach when using content for branding – with a slight addition to the process.

When you want to use content for branding, it must be tailored to improve the image of the business. This means balancing and mixing your key messages to address both the needs of your target market and yours brand. Progressive marketers are going in this direction. According to Forrester, 79% of marketers asked said their organizations are shifting to branded content.

While your customers appreciate it when you write about them, their needs, and how you can solve their problems, they also want to get to know you. They need to know if you are a brand they can trust and be loyal to, Remember, 62% of consumers prefer to buy from brands they are familiar with rather than try a new seller, a Nielsen study found. This is your opportunity to help them get to know you. You need to highlight the strengths of your business and make potential and existing customers understand why they should deal with you. This might mean you’ll be exerting extra effort as branded articles and videos are more difficult to create, but if you succeed, you’ll not only get that website traffic you need, you’ll also be able to build and optimize your brand.

We can help build and optimize your brand online through content. We combine the power of articles and videos so your website gets the traffic it badly needs and your brand gets the boost it deserves. Email us or call now to schedule your free consultation on brand optimization.

Micro enterprising in Trinidad and Tobago has taken on a new trend and this is seeking internet marketing services. They have abandoned traditional marketing strategies which include the use of print media.

Many might question why competitive micro enterprises in the region have adopted this trend. To begin with the establishment of a CARICOM Single Market and Economy has encouraged the emergence of a more competitive business environment where more and more local micro enterprises have to seek innovative ways of aggressively penetrating the market.

Secondly, current trends in computer technology offer a more interactive way for them to interact with their consumers as compared to other traditional ways of advertising.

Internet Marketing Services Benifits

Trinidad and Tobago has more to gain from internet marketing services for their micro enterprises. The following are some of the things that they stand to gain through online advertising:

In this day and age, consumers prefer to use the internet to access good and services at a time that is convenient for them. They browse through various web pages comparing products and services. They are able to do this without speaking to anyone or having to walk from company to company to talk to anyone.

Global ReachSmall micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago have realized this trend and would therefore stand to benefit greatly from advertising their businesses online. They will be able to reach a much wider consumer base given that the consumers spend most of their time on the internet.

Small businesses are able to reach a wider customer base that they never thought they would when they utilize internet marketing services. This is because they not only manage to penetrate their local market but also international markets. This provides good ground for business expansion.

When microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago utilize internet marketing services, they can be assured that marketing costs will be reduced significantly. This is compared to using the traditional means of advertising which not only are expensive but reach a smaller group of consumers. For instance, it is hard to compare the price of running a 30 second commercial on TV and maintaining a website. They both have viewers but the internet has more viewers and is less expensive.

Internet marketing services can be especially beneficial to micro enterprises in Trinidad and Tobago when they want to change a particular product or service. For instance, imagine that a business has printed and mailed catalogues containing certain services or goods that they want the consumer to know of. In the event that the business wants to change a certain good or service that they had advertised in their catalogue, it would require them to reprint the catalogues and resend them to their customers. However, if they had advertised their services and goods via internet marketing services, they would have easily gone to their website and done the necessary changes or adjustments. This therefore simply means that microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago can experience flexibility when they utilize internet marketing services.

The amount of exposure that microenterprises in Trinidad and Tobago can get through internet marketing services to the global market is immeasurable. They will be able to inform the world of their goods and services without spending a lot of money.

101 Internet Marketing Services TT Team!

[box]Our team at 101 Internet Marketing Services TT are experts in the internet marketing field. We specialise on internet marketing for small business to help them increase their customers and thus their profits.

Interested in finding out how we can help your business… then contact us for a free consultation at let us begin to work together.[/box]