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The Mobile Trend...

The world of mobile marketing is new territory for many business, especially if you have offline clients who you are competing for in the marketplace. Mobile marketing gives small businesses the ability to reach out and find their potential customers instantly, whenever and wherever they may be.

More people today use their smart phones and mobile devices to locate businesses. What this means for you is that if you are not using your advertising dollars to attract mobile customers, your competition is taking business away from you. Lost business means lost sales.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

So what makes Mobile Marketing the #1 choice of many savvy business owners all over the world and in your hometown?

Well let’s have a closer look at some facts:

  1. With today’s smartphones, consumers are accessing the Internet all the time; from work, from sporting events and while watching TV at home. The amount of data flowing across the airwaves is astounding and it’s growing at an intense rate. Simply put, if your business is not utilizing mobile techniques then you are just missing out on potential business.
  2. Around the globe today there are roughly 5 BILLION consumers already walking around with a mobile device every day…and that makes contacting these potential customers relatively easy.
  3. Most people keep their mobile device within arm’s reach 24/7. What does that mean? Well the use of SMS Text Message Marketing will result in most of your messages being seen and read by the mobile device owner. This of course will return higher promotional redemption rates, and bring the possibility of more sales, which in turn could lead to more profits.
  4. The average consumer is already spending almost three hours per day surfing the Internet from their mobile devices. These millions of eyeballs represent online traffic that is ready to hear your own promotional message.
  5. From a statistical perspective, two years ago in 2009, around half a BILLION people used their mobile phones to explore the Internet. Over the next 5 years this is expected to double! The time is now to implement mobile marketing techniques in your business.
  6. By 2014, the use of mobile Internet usage is expected to surpass traditional desktop Internet usage. So the use of mobile marketing technology will be critical if you want to stay ahead of your completion.
  7. According to Facebook, more than 200 million users (out of over 600 million Facebook users) access Facebook using their mobile phones. In addition, customers accessing Facebook from their mobile devices are twice as active as non-mobile users.

These facts indicate that if you are not currently leveraging mobile marketing to promote your business, you may soon be left behind by the fast-movers and early adopters of this powerful technology. We would be happy to share a couple of ways with you that would bring more customers through your doors using the mobile marketplace.

Contact us, you are under no obligation. Being aware of additional ways that your business can make money by appealing to mobile users will be a positive return on investment.

Our Core Mobile Services are...

  • Business Mobile Applications (Iphone, Ipad, Android)
  • Mobile and Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Text Messaging
  • Push Messaging

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