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Welcome to our market and promotion page. Visit this page often to see what new promotions we are running. We often run promotions and contests to encourage new business owners to try our services and for existing clients to save on services or avail of others. Our promotions consist of "Free Website" giveaways to discounts as much as 50% off.

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Monthly Promotions - August 2014

This promo gives you 40% off the first month of each quarter when you pay quarterly. Is that all? No… this also means that if your SEO campaign requires additional work during month 1 setup such as additional content, fixing duplicate meta tags, broken links or more… that these additional costs will also be billed to you at 40% off since it is part of month 1.

Whether you are going to launch a full-blown Social Media campaign or bolt on some Social Media Service to your SEO or Local Buzz campaign, the Social Media Promo is guaranteed to save you tons of money and knock your socks off . Want to know how you can save 40% off the first month of your Social Media Campaign?

We are offering 3 FREE months of design maintenance with every design campaign launched in August when you mention this promo to your design sales consultant. This is huge… yes no additional costs at all! You do NOT need to purchase the annual maintenance option – yes – you really get 3 months FREE maintenance no questions asked! After 3 months you have two options, click here to find out more.
Our existing clients we have not forgotten you, during this promotion we give you $50 back every month. Find out more.

Special Contests

Enter our contest and get a chance to win one of 3 website credits to put towards a redesign or to a new site. 

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Evergreen Promotions

Coming soon will be promotions on services specific industry websites, lead generation tools, Metrics tracking and more...

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